Vickie has been a feature film sound editor for the last 40 years. She’s a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (since 1988) where she has served on the Sound Branch Executive Committee.  She’s also a member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors, a fraternal organization that’s been around since 1953 to honor the work of sound professionals. She has received Four Golden Reel Awards from MPSE, eight nominations and was the co-supervisor on two Academy Award winning films for Best Sound Editing. (SPEED and THE RIVER).

In 1992, Vickie created a class for UCLA Extension called Post Production Sound for Producers, Directors and Editors. She taught that class for many years and then modified it for people who, specifically, wanted to be editors and taught at Video Symphony, which is now Columbia College. She created the curriculum for post production sound including classes of The Overview of Post Production Sound and Production Dialogue and ADR Editing. “My reason for teaching is to enlighten the filmmakers as to the benefits of getting good production sound which increases the value of post production, saves a LOT of money down the road and you get to keep the performances that are so good by not having to re-record them in ADR.”